Web Cam Show on Skype with Amazon Gift Card ?

Hey guys! Yep i'm still around! How are my lovely fans? I've been busy with life. I don't model much anymore but am still the cute girl in skirts and stockings you fell in love with. I actually like tights nowadays.

I have been keeping warm. Winter has been kicking my butt lately. I hope all my fans are keeping warm. I just got over a cold. I have been trying some new fetishes, cuckold, hotwife, and dom bdsm. So if a fan is interested i may have something to share. I also thought about seeing what a sugar daddy was like. So still on a sexual adventure. For some reason skype won't log in on my pc but does work on my laptop but i usually prefer my PC so if anyone wants to order anything email me or text me. We can literally setup an appointment so i can cam for you. Shows are $25 for ten min, or $50 for twenty min and i will let you pick a video.



Photo Set: Mini Skirt


How have my lovely fans been? I was going through some photo sets and found one i forgot about. I think it's pretty hot. I recently bought a new very sexy very scandalous dress but it's been snowing a lot here so i haven't been able to wear it out yet. Maybe i will get some pictures in it.

I've been thinking about getting a PlayStation 3. I'm a 360 girl originally but i have seen a lot more games lately i want on the ps3 so think i am going to try and get one. If one fan were to buy me one. I'd probably have to give them all 15 videos i have and 20 photo sets. Of course i only need one so this big offer will only go for the first person who takes it.I added it to the top of my wishlist. I could also game with you in the nude. Guys like a naked gamer girl right? Well here tell you what if you are serious about getting me this and that way i can start sending you everything immediately just call me and we'll set it up. If for some reason i don't answer text me. 720-295-4761

I now have a PS3 but will do the same deal for the projector on my wishlist.



 Photo Set: Stripes